Clarion Lowdenhardt

The Last Paladin
"King Clarion Victorious with Brightwater"
Royal Portrait, Posthumous

Clarion Lowdenhardt – The Last Paladin, The Opal Guardian, and the King of Arcadia was the prominent figure to the defeat of Interrog during The Severance and the wars the followed.

Before the war, Clarion was the commander of the Opal Garrison in the Northern reaches of Arcadia.  Although the different garrisons formed a loose alliance, at best, all respected Clarion and looked to him as an icon and leader of their collective purpose.

Along with the armor and regalia as the King of Arcadia, Clarion was the keeper of Brightwater.  A bastardsword, that was said to have been forged by the Titans themselves to destroy the Demonlord Interogg.


Clarion Lowdenhardt

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