Goblet is a trade city located at the south-western valley between The Chalice and Arcadia.

The city was originally settled as a forward staging base for The Arcadian Alliance during the final years of The Severance.  The city has thrived in the centuries since, and has remained mostly free from any incursions from Darheim or The Red King.

The most notable features are an eclectic and widely famous trade district that includes wares and goods from across the Alliance territories and beyond, and the main keep of the Bonded Braves a well-known organization of mercenaries and sell-swords. 

Goblet also serves as a major trading hub for goods between The Chalice and abroad.  It is the only wholesale supplier of Char Slug Oil, Ember Mushrooms, and Sylvan Golden Rice. Some more daring traders may attempt to make deals with the Sylvan Encalve and Midway themselves for these items, but such enterprises can quickly gain the ill favor of Goblet's trade and merchant guilds.



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