The Breaker

The only remaining Titan of the Celestial Host who's name has not been wiped from the collective memory of the mortal races. Interrog was the believed to be the instigator of The Severance, and the Demonlorde responsible for the strife and war that followed.

Almost three-hundred years ago, Interrog was the first of the Celestial to step foot in the mortal realm.  Preceding him was the arrival of The Rose, seen as many to be the last gift of the Celestial Host and the greatest weapon against the Demon Armies.

Interrog was a creature of pure Evil and Chaos, who is seen by history to want nothing other than the complete destruction and sundering of the mortal realm back into the chaotic maelstrom that it was forged from eons ago by his Celestial Brethren. His true motives, if any, have been lost to time and rumor.

The opening days of Interrog's campaign saw the end of the Paladin Garrisons across the world. Having corrupted many mortal nobles and military leaders prior to his arrival he turned these mortal armies against the Paladins where they were not able to leverage their true power as they would against demonic hordes. 

At the end of these opening weeks only a handful of the Paladins would survive, and all of the Garrisons were razed.

The only Paladin to survive from Arcadian's own Opal Garrison was the crowned prince Clarion Lowdenhardt, and it was he that met Interrog in the final battle and slew the Demonlorde with the sword Brightwater.


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